GM’s Message

Welcome to my first attempt at writing a campaign, as well as my first attempt at DM’ing. I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition for two years now, and earlier versions on and off for the past seventeen years. I will be keeping a great deal GM only since most of you who read this are friends who will probably play this campaign one day. -Dan Pugatch

Campaign Background

The Ruby Mountains is a campaign I created that takes place in a land known at the Ruby Mountains for the numerous cliffs and crags that litter these barren lands. Luscious green pastures and vibrant leafy forests do not exist here in the Ruby Mountains. For there are small areas of forest wasteland, mostly dead trees from much better times long ago as well as a few streams every now and then. The area is far from being a desert although there is a patch of desert to the south surrounded by barren wastelands, and civilization does exist in great underground cities or on top of the mountains themselves in fortresses and villages throughout the land.

The theme of this campaign is everything you do or don’t do has a cause and effect, which is natural in life. However, fate will always have it’s way in the end. After talking about the Deck of Many Things with the owner of my local game store, Pandemonium Books, Tyler inspired me to write a campaign that centers around this infamous deck, something he always wanted to do. I just could not resist writing this campaign as soon as I arrived home with a copy of the deck in my hands. I thank Tyler for the inspiration, it was just brilliant, and perhaps you will get to play this campaign once its finished. I understand a lot of things in the Deck of Many Things are broken, its not fair for one person to get 10,000xp and everyone else not to. Certain effects will effect the whole party or just one person based on my discretion. I’d rather everyone gets 10,000xp or the party splits 10,000xp instead of one person being at level 7 and everyone else at level 1. Also the effects are not always instant and may happen slowly over time.

For purposes of character creation, there are a few race restrictions and probably a few class restrictions. Anything is possible, just keep in mind, locals from these lands probably have never seen an elf before, no one still living has seen live trees unless they have traveled far away. The most common races are dwarfs, humans, goliaths, minotaurs, and occasionally giants. Being a ranger in this campaign is unlikely, but doable, perhaps a ranger from the dead forest? I will accept anything but please have a well written background to make your character fit into the story. It would be preferable if you tell me the race, class, and one paragraph background before spending hours on your character. The reason for creating the world and the history ahead of time instead of as we go is to help you make your characters fit in, for when we have our first game session, it will start as all great campaigns do with everyone sitting around a table in a tavern playing a game of cards…

The Ruby Mountains