The Revival

The Revival is the age of current times, and is named for the struggling rebuilding of civilization after the Orc Plague that ruined the lands. The threat of orcs may be something of the past, but another is always on the horizon. The people of the Ruby Mountains are a quiet folk whom keep to themselves and work hard together. After ages of battle, they seek prosperity instead of war. Always living in fear of the next atrocity, they are reluctant towards strangers and usually only deal with foreigners while trading in the two ports of Fardocks and Neardocks.

The Von Oschdrake Family are the current rulers of the Ruby Mountains and united the lands during the Human Awakening. Originally entrepreneurs traveling far from home to make their next coin, they arrived to the beautiful Ruby Mountains at a time of great pestilence. The Dwarves and Goliaths were fighting off the Undead but failing at gaining the upper hand in the war as a whole despite how many battles they won. The biggest problem was the Dwarves were still feuding with themselves and not united, and the Golitaths feeling the Dwarves are still trespassers on their lands were only looking out for themselves. Goliaths would sit there from atop the mountains and just watch the Dwarves be slaughtered in battle instead of helping out, and likewise the Dwarves would retreat into the mountains while the Goliaths were overtaken by soldiers of death.

If it was not of the Von Oschdrake family unifying the dwarves and convincing the Goliaths for the sake of the land to work together with their smaller neighbors, then the war against the Undead would have ended much sooner, with a much worse outcome.

With war in the past, villages and towns have been rebuilt, and the once militia headquarters has become the capitol. Humans are the most common folk in civilization, with dwarves closely second. Goliaths tend to keep to their own homes in the mountains, only coming down when they need to trade or hunt. The economy of the Ruby Mountains is on the rise with the export of mined resources shipped to far away lands. However, wood is very scarce here, and all the wood around is dead. The people of the Ruby Mountains have to rely on others coming to them to trade instead of sending out their own mighty ships.

The Revival

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